Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Export and Print Contacts from iPhone

"How can I export and print all my contacts? I would prefer to keep a backup in case my contacts get lost and I'm yet to find a way to export all my contacts." ---from Apple discussion

To prevent contacts loss, lots of people will backup their contacts but some of them, however, may have no idea of  printing contacts from iPhone 6s/6/5s/5/4s/4. Saving a backup in iTunes or iCloud is easy, but what if you want to have a paperback reserve of contacts in hand? From time to time, you may need to get several or all contacts for some use. Here comes the question: Is there any way to print out hundreds of contacts with detailed information? The answer is absolutely yes. Three methods available will be introduced below to  to help you achieve that.

Method 1: Make use of third-party software
One way to print contacts from iPhone is using Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery. The software enables you to print contacts from iPhone directly or from iTunes backup with just a few simple click. 

Step 1: Launch Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery after downloading and connect your iPhone to computer. ( If you have a backup in iTunes, ignore the step and choose an iTunes backup to extract and print contacts from the backup. )
Step 2: Scan your device for the contacts. Click" Start scan" and the program will scan and analyze your contacts automatically.
Step 3: Preview and print contacts on iPhone. Tap "contacts" to preview detailed information of the contacts on your iPhone. Click "Recover" to save contacts file on your computer. Open the index.html file and check "Print contacts" option, then click "Print"button to print contacts from iPhone.

Video Tutorial:

Note: The Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is able to find deleted and existing contacts on your iPhone.

Method 2: Take advantage of iTunes syncing
Another way is to sync your contacts from iPhone for later printing with the use of iTunes. However, you must install the latest version of iTunes on your PC first. iTunes presents you data in organized format and you can print a complete list of contacts through it, but you need to convert it into a spreadsheet first. Follow the steps below to print contacts from your iPhone:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer. Launch iTunes and click on the iPhone icon.
Step 2: Click on "info" tap on the left side and tick on the box of Sycn Contacts with Windows. Choose selected Groups if desired. Select "Windows Contacts" and click on "Sync" button.
Step 3: Press Windows + R on your computer to open Run Command, input "Wab" and hit "OK". A new window will pop up, click tiny forward Arrow to the right of share with button and select "Export", choose "CSV" and click "Export" in the pop-up.
Step 4: Choose a location to save your contacts CSV file and click "Next", select the iPhone contacts field you want and then click "Finish". A dialogue will appear saying you have successfully export contacts from iPhone.
Step 5: Open the CSV file to the Excel and print out the contacts.

Method 3: Export contacts from iPhone by using "Google Contacts"
If you have send all contacts to Gmail, you can easily export your contacts to excel format. Open your browser and go to google contacts. Login into your account and select the contacts you want, then go to "More" and click "Export". Choose Google CSV format and click "Export". Finally, open the CSV file to Excel and print the contacts from iPhone.

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