Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Extract & Print WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

As one of the easiest to use and hottest chatting apps throughout the world, WhatsApp facilitate peoples' life in terms of communication. Lots of iPhone users have the need to print WhatsApp messages from iPhone for work or private purposes. Sometimes you may receive a WhatsApp message from your partner or friend and would like to print it out for further use. Quite many users don't now where to start since there is no option for users to print WhatsApp messages on iPhone. Just read on and find 2 ways to extract and print WhatsApp messages from iPhone 7/7Plus/SE/6S/6S Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4.

Option 1: Take a Screenshot of WhatsApp Conversation
If you just want to print a few WhatsApp messages from your iPhone, a screenshot will do. 
1. Open WhatsApp and locate the WhatsApp messages you want to print.
2. Press the "Home" button and "Sleep/Wake" button at the same time. Keep holding down both buttons until you hear a clicking sound which indicates a screenshot is taken.
3. Find the screenshot in "Sreenshots" Album in Photos app and tap "Share" icon, then select "Print".
4. Select an AirPrint printers to print out the WhatsApp messages.
Note: The screenshots may not be printed in order. You can also send the screenshot to your Email and print it out using a normal printer. 

Option 2: Extract and Print WhatsApp Messages with A Third Party Tool
For a bunch of WhatsApp messages, taking screenshots can be very wearisome. A third party tool will be in help in this case. Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery, a powerful backup and restore tool, enables you to extract WhatsApp messages on your iPhone and print it in an organized format in correct timelime. You can keep a paper copy of WhatsApp conversation with contact, data and content included with the simple-to-use but professional program. Just follow the steps below:
Step 1: Download & launch the program on your PC.
Step 2: Once your iPhone is detected, click "Start scan" to scan for WhatsApp messages.
Step 3: Click "WhatsApp & Attachments", preview your WhatsApp messages and click "Recover" to export WhatsApp file to PC.
Step 4: Open the index.html file, select "WhatsApp" and click "Print" to print out WhatsApp messages.
Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is also capable of recovering deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone, you can also turn to the and retrieve your iPhone WhatsApp messages in an efficient way.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

3 Ways to Recover Lost Data from iPhone after Factory Reset

From now and then, something wrong may occur to your iPhone/iPad. For example, it may not respond after you updated a few application. A lot of iPhone users may choose to force a factory reset when their iPhone/ipad is not working, which will wipe all data and contents on your device. But what to do when your data are lost due to a factory reset. This article will share 3 common but useful ways to recover data from iPhone 7/SE/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4 and iPad, iPad Mini/Air/Pro after factory reset.

Part 1: Recover Lost iPhone/iPad Data from Backup after Factory Reset
It is very essential to take back up your iPhone /iPad as a matter of routine. You can still get back your lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup after a factory restore.

Recover Lost Data from iCloud Backup
1. Power on your iPhone/iPad and follow the on-screen set-up instructions.
2. Choose "Restore from iCloud Backup" when you reach "App & Data" screen.
3. Sign in to iCloud and select the most recent iCloud backup according to the data indicated. Keep your iPhone/iPad connected to Wi-Fi during the restore.
4. The restore will take some time during the size of file and your Wi-Fi condition, wait until it completes. Your iPhone/iPad will be back to functionality after the restore.

Restore Lost Data from iTunes backup
1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone/iPad to computer
2. Click on your iPhone/iPad icon and tap "Summary".
3. Click "Restore Backup" in Backup section and then select a most recent iTunes backup among the available backup files, hit "Restore". Don't disconnect your iPhone/iPad until the synchronization finishes.

Part 2: Recover iPhone/iPad Data without Backup
Apart from restoring lost data from backups, you can also opt to make use of a third party tool to recover your lost iPhone/iPad data. Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery can save your bacon if you don't have any backup at hand. The capable tool allows you to recover lost text messages, photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp & attachment, Viber & attrachments and so on directly from iPhone without any required technical skill. It supports preview and selective recovery as well.
Step 1: Download & launch the program on your computer.
Step 2: Connect your iPhone to computer and tap "Trust" on your device, click "Start scan" after your device is detected. The program will automatically scan for lost data on your device.
Step 3: Preview your lost data one by one, select the ones you want and click "Recover" to export the lost data to your computer.
Video tutorial:
Note: The tool is also capable of recovering data from iTunes backup. You can utilize the program to extract lost data from iTunes backup and preview data in iTunes.

Friday, September 30, 2016

How to Recover Lost Photos and More Data from iPhone 7/7 Plus

At long last, iPhone 7/7 Plus is officially launched on September 7th, 2016. As Apple says the new iPhone is the best iPhones the company has ever made, iPhone 7/ 7Plus feature a faster processor, a solid state Home button, a better camera and introduce two new color-Black and Jet Black.  Though the removal of headphone jack arouse great controversy, the iPhone 7 is a perfect alternative for digital camera, taking absolutely gorgeous photos. Many Apple fans have already started replacing their old iPhone with the new release. While you enjoy the new iPhone, data loss may happen without preparation. Check contents below and find 2 ways to recover deleted/lost photos and more data from iPhone 7. 

Make use of iPhone 7 Data Recovery Tool
Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a professional and easy-to-use tool that aims to recover deleted or lost photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp and more from iPhone 7 or iTunes backup in an efficient way. No matter you lost data due to accidental deletion, iOS upgrade, system crash or other reasons, the program is capable of retrieve the data you want.
Step 1: Launch the iPhone 7 Data Recovery program and connect your iPhone to computer.
Step 2: Click "Start scan" to scan and analyze lost data on your iPhone.
Step 3: Check and preview photos and other files one by one after the scan, select the ones you want and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.
Video tutorial:

Restore Lost Data from iTunes backup
Backing up iPhone regularly is one rule of thumb. If you have created a backup in iTunes before, you can restore photos and other lost data from iTunes backup easily.
1. Open iTunes and click on your iPhone icon.
2. Click "Summary" and choose "Restore Backup".
3. Select a most recent iTunes backup and click "Restore". The process may take a while.

Note: Restoring from iCloud backup is an alternative, supposing you have backed up your device with iCloud before. However, restoring from iTunes and iCloud backup means that the existing data on your iPhone will be replaced by the backup file and the new data you haven't backed up yet will be wiped. Whats' more, you are not allowed to preview the data you want in the backup file. It is suggested that you combine the data recovery tool with the backup file to preview and selectively recover the lost data you want in a much safer way.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

iOS 10 Data Recovery-How to Recover iPhone/iPad Data after iOS 10 Upgrade

Apple unveiled its iOS 10, the next generation of operating system for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, at DMCC 2016, and announced its release date to be September.13 at Apple 7 Launch Event. iOS 10 is the biggest update to Apple's operating system so far, overhauling the design of iOS 7 released in 2013. The revamped iOS 10 features some drastic changes like a much smarter Siri, a redesigned lock screen and more playful iMessage app and a new raise to wake feature.
As the iOS 10 brings us a lot of surprises, no doubt many Apple fans cannot wait to download and tryout the new operating system on their iDevices.  However, there is a great risk that you may lose the important data when you update your iPhone/iPad to iOS 10 as the software is still being tested and may have some glitches. That's why it is important to make full preparations for backup before the upgrade. This article will walk you through the process on how to recover lost iPhone/iPad data after upgrading to iOS 10 in 2 workable ways.

Part 1: Recover lost data directly from iPhone/iPad
Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful tool that allows you to retrieve lost data directly from your iPhone 7/SE/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4 or iPad, iPad mini/Air/Pro without backup within just a few simple clicks. You can selectively recover lost photos, videos, contacts, notes, WhatsApp and much more from your device with ease.
Follow the steps below:
1. Run the program and connect your iPhone/iPad to computer.
2. Hit "Start scan" to scan for lost data on your device.
3. Preview and select the data you want, then click "Recover".
Video Guide:

Part 2: Restore lost data from backup file
If you have backed up your iPhone or iPad with iTunes or iCloud before, you can restore lost data on your device in a more traditional way, that is from iTunes or iCloud backup.

Option 1: Retreive lost data from iTunes backup
Make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer. 
1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to computer and launch iTunes.
2. Tap on your iPhone icon, then click on "Restore iPhone".
3. Choose the latest backup and click "Restore".

Option 2: Restore lost data from iCloud backup
Open "Settings" app and tap "General">"Reset">"Erase All Content and Settings">"Erase iPhone". Follow the onscreen prompt and choose "Restore from iCloud Backup", then select the latest backup. The lost data will be restored on your iPhone/iPad.

Comparison: Restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup will ask you to wipe all data on your iPhone/iPad and the data on your device will be replaced by the backup file. You are not allowed to preview the data before recovery. If you don't want to restore all the data in the backup, you can combine it with Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to extract data from the backup file and selectively recover lost data on your device.

Note : The iOS 10 will be available for iPhone 5 and higher, iPad mini 2 and higher, iPad 4 and subsequent iPad Air and iPad Pro models, and iPod touch 6th gen onwards.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone 7/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4

"I need my text messages for legal reasons. How can I print a string of text messages from my iPhone 6. Any one can help? Thanks a lot!"

Printing iPhone text messages has been a common desire for iPhone users. Whether for an evidence in legal proceedings, for archiving purposes or simply for memorial of the story with your loved one, the best way to preserve the important messages on your iPhone is to keep a printing copy of the text messages at hand. However, iPhone itself doesn't support Air print, which means that you cannot print out text messages from your iPhone directly. To solve the problem, 3 workarounds to print text messages from iPhone 7/SE/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4 will be explained below.

Solution 1: Print screenshots of text messages
If you only have a few text messages to print, the easiest way is to take a screenshot and then e-mail it to yourself. Hold the "Home" button and "Sleep/Wake" button on your iPhone simultaneously for 5 seconds until you hear a shutter sound. Repeat the process if it is needed. Your will find the screenshot stored in "Screenshots" folder in Photos app on your iPhone.

Solution 2: Print Text messages from iPhone with a third party tool
To print complete conversation from iPhone, you can rely on a third party application. Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a trusted and widely used program which enables you to get access to the text messages on your iPhone or in iTunes backup and print them out. You are allowed to perview and print out the text messages with full information including time, date, sender and content in organized format. Just download it and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the program and connect your device to computer. ( You can click "Next" to print text messages from iTunes backup as well.)
Step 2: Click "Start scan", the program will scan and analyze the text messages automatically.
Step 3: Click "Messages", select the text messages you want to print and click "Recover" to save the message file on your computer.
Step 4: Open the html.index file, select "Print Messages" and then click "Print" to print text messages from iPhone.

Video tutorial:

Solution 3: Send text messages to e-mail account
If you don' t have to retain the format, copy & paste is another option. 
1. Open the "Messages" app, touch and hold the messages for a few seconds. A "Copy" button will show up, tap on it.
2. Open "Mail" app and enter your e-mail address in the "To" field, paste the text messages in content field. Tap on "Send".
3. Open the e-mail in your account, and print the text messages out with the printer connected to your computer.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

[Voicemail Recovery] How to Retrieve Deleted Voicemail on iPhone

I have deleted an unheard voicemail on my iPhone 6S by mistake and want to get it back desperately. How to recover it? Any help will be appreciated!

As a great feature of iPhone, Visual Voicemail makes you listen to your voicemails in an easy manner. Whether it is a birthday wish from your loved one or voicemail  from a distant friend, the message precious voicemail worthy of replay for us. However, due to some unexpected reasons like accidental deletion, system crash and iOS upgrade, voicemail on iPhone can get lost.  Fortunately, you still stand a chance to retrieve them.  You would find one solution suitable for you among the 3 simple methods on how to retrieve deleted voicemail on iPhone 6S/6/5S/5/4S/4 introduced below.

Solution 1: Recover deleted voicemails from Phone app
Although this feature is often ignored, it is easy to use. And it is the first place you should look when you want recover a deleted voicemail on iPhone.
1. Open Phone app and tap on "Voicemail".
2. Scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the "Deleted Messages" item, tap on it and it will bring up a list of deleted voicemail recoverable.
3. Select the deleted voicemails you want to recover, tap "Undelete". You will find the deleted voicemail moved back to your main voice mail list.

Solution 2: Retrieve deleted voicemail from iPhone or iTunes backup
If you still cannot find your deleted voicemail, you can make use of Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to recover deleted voicemails. It enables you to retrieve deleted voicemails from iPhone directly or from iTunes backup within just 3 steps without data loss. Just download it and follow the instructions below:
Step 1: Install&launch the Voicemail Recovery and connect your iPhone to computer. ( You can skip the connection and click "Next" to retrieve deleted voicemail from iTunes backup.)
Step 2: Click "Start scan" to allow it scan and analyze deleted voicemail on your device.
Step 3: Check "Voicemail" and preview the deleted voicemail, select the ones you want and hit "Recover" button to save the voicemail file on your computer.
Video Guide:
Note: Turn on "Airplane mode" after you lose voicemail in case any new data will overwrite the deleted voicemail.

Solution 3: Restore deleted voicemail from iCloud backup
Restoring from backup is another choice. If you have backed up your iPhone with iCloud regularly, you shall be able to retrieve deleted voicemail.
1. Go to "Settings">"General">"Reset">",  tap "Erase All Content and Settings"
2. Tap on "Erase iPhone" and enter your iPhone password. Select an iCloud backup and tap "Restore".
3. Keep your device connected to "WI-FI" or turn your network on, the process will take some time depending on the size of the backup and your network.
Note: Restoring from iCloud backup will ask you to erase all data on your iPhone and the newly added data you haven't backedup yet will be wiped. Think it twice before applying this method.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone/iPad

The Notes app on iOS devices is widely used for various purposes like keeping ideas from wandering off, jotting down a shopping list or whatever we want to keep handy on our iPhone or iPad. We rely on electronic device to keep important information nowadays. However, we all make mistakes. Notes on iPhone or iPad may get lost due to accidental deletion. Imagine that you have typed a note for a presentation or a speech on an iPad for a whole afternoon but find it gone because you accidentally hit the delete button. This could be a paralyzing feeling that could generate anxiety and frustration. To ease your mind, 3 ways to retrieve deleted notes from iPhone 6S/6/5S/5/4S/4 or iPad Pro/Air/Mini will be introduced below.

Option 1: Recover deleted notes from Notes app itself
If your iPhone/iPad runs iOS 8 or later and you accidentally deleted a note from your device, all is not lost. Chances are that the deleted note is still on your device. Your recently deleted notes are kept in a special folder called "Recently Deleted" in Notes app for 30 days before they are permanently erased.
1. Open Notes app and tap "Recently Deleted" folder.
2. Tap "Edit" on the upper right corner and select the deleted notes you want.
3. Tap "Move To" and select a folder to recover your deleted notes. Your notes will be back on your device.

Option 2: Retrieve deleted note from your device directly or from iTunes backup
Cannot find your note in "Recently Deleted" folder? There still may be hope. A third party recovery tool can help you recover those deleted notes. Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a professional software that enables you to retrieve deleted notes from your iPhone/iPad or iTunes backup. Just download it and follow the steps as described below:

Step 1: Launch the Notes Recovery and connect your device to the computer. If you want to retrieve notes from iTunes backup, you can click "Next" and choose an iTunes backup to extract your notes.
Step 2: Click "Start scan" and it will scan and analyze lost notes automatically.
Step 3: Click" Notes", preview and recover deleted notes.
Video Guide:

Notes: Turn on Airplane Mode on your device after losing notes in case any newly generated data may overwrite your deleted notes.

Option 3: Restore notes on iPhone from iCloud
If you have enabled iCloud sync before, you can retrieve your deleted notes from iCloud, assuming you act within a reasonable time frame.
1. Go to "Settings" and tap "iCloud".
2. Turn off "Notes"and tap "Delete from My iPhone" on the pop-up.
3. Turn on "Notes" and it will re-sync your iCloud notes back on your device in a minute.

If it doesn't work, you can also go to and sign in to iCloud. Click on "Notes" to check if your deleted notes are there.

Option 4: Shake to undo
The "shake to undo" feature of iOS is unknown to or forgotten by most iPhone and iPad users. It is a simple but useful tips. When you accidentally delete a note, just shake your device. A pop-up will show up asking whether you want to" Undo Trash Note", tap on undo and your deleted note will be back on your device.

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