Tuesday, April 26, 2016

doubleTwist Sync Review -Version 4.0.4 - Sync iTunes Media Data with Android

doubleTwist Sync is a small but useful utility when it comes to media data transfer between mobile phone and computer. For usefulness, it can import Android media files to computer and sync musics and videos between Android device and iTunes/Windows Media Player directly. For smallness, it is shown as a small window on the desk and nearly invisible in notification bar. 

doubleTwist Sync makes a good balance between diversity and flexibility. It provides users with two options for PC data - iTunes and Windows Media Player, but you can also disable any one to avoid potential mess.  
Notification bar > right-click > Preferences
1. Connect a device to computer  
doubleTwist provides USB connection and Wi-Fi connection, the later of which needs mobile app installed in the device. Here we connect a Samsung S6 to a PC with a USB cable. A window will pop up after connection. There will have 4 tabs.
doubleTwist device
2. Device tab
Beside the brief storage analysis column are four setting options, the first two of which can explain themselves through the titles. Covert music or video for this device means that this program will transcode the files to readable formats if they are originally not for the connected device. Enable these two options may cause transfer failure for some media files which the program is unable to convert the formats. If you think your device can play those files and want to sync them anyway, just disable the options.

3. Muisc/Videos/Photos tab
It is quite simple and similar on these three tabs. You can set which music or videos to sync if not all of them and customize the location for importing music, videos and photos to PC.  
doubleTwist music
4. Sync now
When you set all the options right, click Sync now. The program will report the result when it is done. You can check your phone player while comparing iTunes or Windows Media Player. All the information, like playlist, album, artist, genre, should be exactly the same.

Note: It is kind of deceptive when people see Sync now button under every tab. Do remember to untick the options if you dont need them before click the button.

One thing that doubleTwist Sync can not do is transfer pictures from computer to Android device. Maybe it is just too easy. We can do it through drag-and-drop as long as the USB connection works normally. Or you can also try iTunes to Android if you want to transfer music, vidoes and photos from iTunes backup to Android phone or tablet. 

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